Deed of merger of wholly-owned subsidiary General Marking S.r.l. into the parent Cembre S.p.a.


Brescia, December 12 2012 – We inform you that today The Deed of Merger of wholly-owned subsidiary General Marking S.r.l. into the parent Cembre S.p.A has been drawn up.

As stated in press release issued by the Company on August 29, 2012, this operation is aimed at streamlining the production, organizational and distribution processes in Italy, as all activities of the merged subsidiary will be transferred to Cembre's main industrial complex, a transfer made possible by the acquisition in November 2011 of industrial space adjacent to the Brescia main complex.

The merger will be effective, with regards to third parties, from January 1, 2013, according to article 2504-bis of the Italian Civil Code. Starting from such date the operations of the subsidiary to be merged will be taken to the financial statements of the parent company and income taxes will accrue to the parent, as provided by article 123 of Presidential Decree 917/96. The merger, involving a wholly-owned subsidiary, will not determine any change in Cembre S.p.A.'s capital stock and in the By-laws in force.

The deed of merger after registration to Companies' Register will be available to the public at the Company's main office and on the Company's institutional site www.cembre.com in the Investor Relations section.




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